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What is PURE?
Public Urban Ritual Experiment

PURE, initially originating from New York City, is a collective of dancers and drummers who take music and dance out into the streets for the purposes of healing and peace. There are now chapters all over the US and also in Japan, with more international chapters in the works.

Movements from ancient, sacred world traditions including Middle Eastern, Chinese, Romani gypsy, Israeli folk, Flamenco, Indian dance and drumming are incorporated into the PURE experience.

Dance and ritual create community, drawing people together both emotionally and physically into a shared sense of the divine.

As the community participates, no one is a stranger any longer. Dancers and musicians travel down the sidewalks, parks and other public spaces to share their love of dance and music with the public and to pay homage to specific sites.

PURE creates “guerilla happenings” and participates in general blessings & celebrations, charity-organized events, theatre or commercial projects to raise awareness and/or fundraising for causes that promote peace & healing, while striving to uphold professional ethics and performance standards that create community.

If you have an event that you think is suitable for Portland PURE, please contact:
info at pdx-puredance.org

facebook link


A PURE Prayer
By Jennette Kienholz

Calling all Beings who serve The Light,
Assist us in our circle tonight.
Our bodies do weave and knit this dance,
While drums mete out the timeless trance.
Rising-up we drink Her Grace,
Confirmed with smiles on every face.
Forevermore we thank The Light,
Our hearts now pure, our Spirits now bright!


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